About Kay Barchetti, Realtor

Joining Northwood in March of 2017, Kay Barchetti is already ranked in Northwood's 2017 Agent Top 20, averaging over 8 MILLION DOLLARS of properties sold per year for the past five years!

Kay is proud of her marketing/sales results for her customers and believes strongly in her internationally known, memorable quote - "Make a customer, not a sale".

While valuing her customers, Kay understands that homes are not products, they are commodities. The price of commodities is never set by the manufacturer or owner, rather it is set by the market. The challenge is to increase traffic to the home while presenting a value to the buyer, once that goal is accomplished, the contracts will follow.

With over 20 years of awards and accomplishments that include:

- Congressional Record 104th Congress - House of Representatives, "Bringing International Business to Pennsylvania"

- Coldwell Banker Rookie of the Year

- National Entrepreneur of the Year

- Pennsylvania Entrepreneur of the Year

- Featured for Customer Service by The Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, & Chicago Tribune

Kay is dedicated to effective advertising and technology strategies that will widely promote open houses both locally, online, and on television. Her internet advertising stands out from other listing with extra photos, more detailed descriptions, and user-friendly websites.